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Lithium Ion Battery Safety

Posted by Admin on 13th Dec 2018

Use specific Lithium Polymer/Li-ion charger only. Do not use a NiMH or NiCd charger- Failure to do so may a cause fire, which may result in personal injury and property damage.Never charge batteries … read more

10 Handy Vaping Tips for Beginners

Posted by Admin on 3rd Aug 2018

Many experts agree that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Even if the health benefits remain disputed, switching to vaping will undoubtedly help you save hundreds of dollars every year … read more

Are You Aware of How to Travel Abroad with E-Cigarettes?

Posted by Admin on 21st Jun 2018

Vaping provides an effective way to give up smoking, with many smokers having made the switch to electronic cigarettes in recent years. But one aspect that is still unclear for many are the regulati … read more

Join us to Help Legalise Vaping

Posted by Admin on 15th Jun 2018

31st May is officially ‘World No Tobacco Day’, with people around the world highlighting the importance of improving health through quitting smoking or switching to healthier means of nicotine cons … read more

Many Vapers Credit Vaping with Improving Their Health

Posted by Admin on 6th Jun 2018

A large number of former smokers have spoken out and expressed their satisfaction with vaping and the way in which it has dramatically improved their health.One Australian citizen who is now 56 bega … read more