How To Do Vape Tricks

Posted by Admin on 23rd Feb 2023

When it comes to vaping, discovering the expansive range of flavours available is only half the fun. With blends that evenly balance and prioritise potent flavours and billowing vapour production, VapeKing’s selection of e-liquids offers the volume and density of clouds needed to cast fantastical vape tricks to impress your mates. From blowing doughnuts to releasing the dragon and inhaling like a Frenchie, follow Australia’s best vape store’s guide to producing wicked vape tricks like a pro.

How to perform vape tricks like a pro

Face the dragon

A favourite for the guys behind the counter at our vape shop, the dragon is a quintessential vape trick that is easy to master and creates a fierce effect. To make the biggest impact, the dragon works best with sub-ohm and direct-to-lung vaping, where you can simultaneously produce a lot of vapour to pass through your nose and mouth.

To start, draw a full breath of vapour into your mouth and throat. When you’re ready to exhale, close the centre of your lips and keep the corners open. Release the vapour through your nose and mouth, and watch the vape billow out like you’re about to breathe fire.

Vape seductively with the French and Bane Inhale

When you’re ready to take your vape tricks to the next level, it’s time to try the French inhale. To start, simply draw in half a long breath of vapour from your vape, open your bottom jaw further out than your top jaw and slowly release the vapour. Begin inhaling through your nostrils, creating a bold, upward stream of smoke. We don’t know why it’s called the French inhale, but it's certainly better than eating frog legs!

For the next step up and throw vape tricks like a villain from the Batman universe, try The Bane Inhale. This trick is similar to the French inhale, only you bring your bottom jaw back behind your top jaw, clench your teeth and breathe it into your nose to create monstrous fang-like streaks.

Fry up a baker’s dozen and vape a doughnut

Whether you prefer chocolate or strawberry, the choice is up to you. While blowing the big ‘O’ takes a bit of practice, once you’ve perfected this vape tick, try blowing a dart of vapour through it without breaking the ring. To try your hand at this trick, follow the steps below:

1. Draw in a long breath of vapour and hold it at the back of your mouth.

2. Purse your lips shut and rest your tongue on the bottom of your mouth.

3. Open your mouth slightly and shape your lips like an ‘O’.

4. Click your lower jaw forward, which should create a breath of vapour in the shape of a ring.

Create high-impact vape tricks with the high-powered vapes and e-liquids at VapeKing

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