Understanding The Different Types Of E-cigarettes & Vape Mods

Posted by Admin on 23rd Feb 2023

Ever since the first and second-generation vapes created by Hon Lik’s Ruyan and the infamous Ego line of pen vapes, the vaping world has exploded, evolving into an endless number of devices tailored to satisfy different vaping styles.

From box mods to vape pens and mouth-to-lung vapes, making sense of all the models available can be challenging on first inspection. But with our guide and a little experimentation, you can find the best type of vape kit for your needs and extract the full palette of flavours from your vape juices.

Pod kits

One of the most common devices and often the first model most vapers start with, pod vapes generally feature a short, flat build that’s lightweight and discreet to hold or keep in your pocket. These types of vapes typically sport a metal and plastic body that covers an integrated battery and is topped by plastic cartridges or pods that host a fixed coil and a reservoir to hold your vape juice.

Out of all the vape styles, they’re the most convenient and user-friendly, enabling you to swap between pods and vape juices instantaneously without changing the coil and feature a single button to draw in vapour.

With basic features, they offer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape style designed to produce a restricted level of vapour, similar to the feel of a cigarette. If you’re ready to try pod kits, the Uwell Caliburn line is a cult favourite for many.

Pod mods

A level above a regular pod vape, pod mods feature a compact body with pod tanks that hold a larger amount of vape juice. With an integrated display and button controls, you can customise your vaping setup by adjusting the wattage settings and switching between MTL to direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping to produce billowing clouds of vapour.

While they can take some time to get used to, with a bit of practice, you can enjoy a flexible vaping experience many stick to during their vaping journey. If you think these are the model for you, Voopoo’s Drag range is sure to get the most out of your vape juices.

Pen vapes

With a long, cylindrical build shaped like its name implies, pen vapes offer a user-friendly design that easily fits in a pocket or handbag. With a larger build than a pod vape, they boast a larger battery and tank capacity, making it suitable as an everyday vape you can puff on all day.

Pen vapes can range from simple designs that are activated by drawing on the mouthpiece or pressing its single button or a small number of controls that allow you to adjust the wattage.


Designed like a box to host a single or dual battery, they’re bulkier pieces that accommodate a feature-packed build. Designed to customise your vaping totally, they allow you to vape at high wattages — often up to 200W and adjust the voltage and other settings like temperature control. For the advanced vaper, mod kits offer complete freedom to use any atomiser or tank they can accommodate and use prebuilt or rebuildable coils to vaporise your vape juices. If you’re ready to step up with the pros, Geekvape’s Aegis line offers a range of high-performance models that are sure to satisfy you.

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