How To Change A Vape Coil

Posted by Admin on 23rd Feb 2023

Learning how to change your vape coils is something every vaper needs to get used to. After constantly getting heated and cooled in quick succession, they’re put to the test with every puff you take. So giving your device the best level of care will help it perform better, ensuring you can taste the full flavour profile from your vape liquids and enable you to cast billowing clouds that follow you like a second shadow.

When you buy a vape, the process can appear a little tricky, but with our guide and a trial run on your first go, you’ll quickly become a pro — it really is effortless. In our article, we’ll run through everything from how to identify your vape coil needs changing, why your coil isn’t lasting the expected time and how to change your vape coil.

What are vape coils, and how long should they last?

Your coil is the heating element inside your tank that makes contact and vaporises your vape liquids to produce the flavourful vapour you love to taste and smell. It features a metal casing with a cotton wick coiled along the internal walls.

When you press your device’s power button, the coil head heats up and mixes with air to create the vapour we’re all drawn to. The longer you take a draw, the longer you heat your coil, the more e-liquid is drawn to your vape’s coil, and the more wear you place on it.

You’ll instantly know when it is time to replace your vape coil — you’ll taste it. You’ll find your vape liquids taste burnt, produces a harsh throat hit, or your vape juice tastes faint and weak. How frequently you change your vape coil head depends on your usage — heavy vapers might get one or more weeks from a single coil, while more casual vapers might last two or more weeks.

Reasons your vape coil isn’t lasting:

  • Your device is set at a wattage too high for your coil and has burnt out.
  • You’re not allowing your vape coil to cool before your next hit, increasing its wear — try to pause 30 seconds between each puff.

How to change your vape coil

When you buy a vape, your device can only accept a vape coil it is compatible with. To ensure you select the right one, review your product manual or call the team at VapeKing for helpful advice. Once you have it in hand, it’s time to swap out your coil by following the below steps:

1. Unscrew your tank from your vape body and either hold it in your hand or rest the mouthpiece on the table.

2. Your vape coil head is found on the bottom of the tank as a round protruding metal cylinder. With your fingernails or the generic spanner your device may have included, pull from the bottom and discard.

3. Before inserting the new coil, get your vape liquid and prime the cotton by squirting a few drops onto each opening.

4. Insert the new vape coil, and with a paper towel, wipe any spilled e-liquid. Fill your tank with your chosen flavour and let it steep for five minutes before letting it rip.

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