Innokin iSub V 5ml SubOhm Tank

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Innokin iSub V 5ml Sub-Ohm Tank

The Innokin iSub V - Vortex tank provides more control, flavor, and even more vapor than before. The iSub V has a large 5ml capacity and your remaining e-Liquid is clear and easy to view due to the new stainless steel and glass design. The iSub V includes (2) iSub Stainless Steel 316L BVC 0.5ohm atomizer heads for wattage or stainless steel temperature control. The iSub V is compatible with all iSub atomizer heads as well. Find the vape that you are looking for and try the full range of iSub coils to experience the full range of vaping, from cool enjoyable flavors to huge flavorful high wattage clouds. All you need is e-Liquid and you're ready to start vaping!

Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 50mm L x 22mm D (Including drip tip and threads)
  • Quick & Clean Top-Fill
  • 5.0ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow
  • Removable Delrin Drip Tip
  • Replaceable Glass Tank
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • Includes (1) Stainless Steel 316L BVC 0.5ohm Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage or SS Temperature Control Mode
  • Includes (1) Kanthal BVC 0.5ohm Atomizer Head for Variable Wattage
  • iSub Coils Compatible
  • Vapes Perfect with Coolfire 4 TC100


 Suitable Coils for this Clearomizer can be found here -> iSub Replacement Coils.


Package Contents:

  • 1 x iSub V Tank
  • 2 x iSub V SS316L BVC 0.5ohm Atomizer Heads
  • 1 x Innokin Tank Band
  • 1 x Set of Spare O-rings



Warning: This tank uses a Sub-Ohm Resistance Atomizing Coil. It will only work on a mechanical mod or a mod capable of firing an atomizer of 0.5ohm or lower. You must be sure that your mod AND batteries can handle SUB OHM coils. If you're using a regulated mod, make sure it can handle the Amps. For mechanical mod users, please use 30 Amp batteries or higher. Use the OHMS LAW CALCULATOR, CHECK YOUR AMPS, and be safe! Any questions please contact us by email BEFORE purchasing.


Known Compatible devices: Mech Mods, Sigelei 30W, Sigelei 50W, Sigelei 100W, IPV3, IPV2, Aspire ESP Mod, IPV Mini 2, Smoktech XPRO50 BT50, iStick 30W & 50W and most 30W Mods


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  • 5
    Beyond HAPPY!

    Posted by Matt Young on 7th Feb 2018

    So I began my vaping days with Innokin's MVP3.0 Pro a bit over three years ago now. While my MVP mod actually died some months ago now, I did enjoy still using the iSub G tank that came with it (I'm an innokin fan and have stuck with them from the beginning). My MVP3 dying didn't come at the best time for me and all I could unfortunately replace it with was a Coolfire Pebble. I struggled so much going from a 3.8ml tank to a 2ml tank. I would get new isub coils every now and then but the slipstream coils were just cheaper so that tank got more use.

    After many many many incidents of dropping the isub G tank (either attached to a mod or on it's own) it recently succumbed and the glass broke :( I was hoping to just get a glass replacement but alas the only place I could find it was in the UK and it was just not worth the cost getting it here.

    Enter iSub V 5! Oh. My. God! I thought I was blessed with 3.8mls ... I used to be able to make that last most of the day! Now I have a 5 ml tank I'm beyond happy :D

    Just for the record I don't run this tank on a coolfire pebble (though I'm sure it would work). I run it on the Innokin Kroma 70W and also my little coolfire IV. Works awesome!

    Awesome reliable brand, awesome tank!

    And the guys at Vapeking are also just plain awesome, trust me, if you need a new tank and that's what has brought you here, don't bother doing any more research ... just buy from these guys! Best price and BEST service :)

  • 5
    Great Tank!!!

    Posted by Paul Smith on 17th May 2017

    Moving up from the i sub g tank, the i sub V 5ml tank is excellent, i love that it's top fill and the flavour i get out of the installed coil at 50watts is the best ive ever had, i still prefer mouth to lung on 2.0ohm isub coils as i used to smoke pretty heavy, but this tank can do it all, easy to use, great choice of coils and very user friendly :)

  • 5
    Best of three Kits I've purchased since Vaping, began Jan 01 2017

    Posted by Malcolm M McKay on 14th Apr 2017

    This is no doubt the simplest and easiest to use introduction to vaping I have experienced.

    Firstly I bought the SMOK subOhm TC80 Kit and found I needed to change the tank to mouth to lung, MTL. Can't handle and don't want to do direct to lung, DTL

    Secondly I bought the SMOK subOhm Alien 200W and found the same.
    So I bought 2 Asprire Nautilus tank use on these two mods so I could use a higher ohmage coil since I prefer MTL.

    They worked well though I had electronic probs with the TC80 and I've sent it back for inbuilt battery replacement.

    With the Smart Box it automatically determines if the coil is + or - ohm thus leaving me to only fit the tank which came with the product and put a +1 ohm coil in and vape away.

    There are no buttons or LED screens to navigate through. This is clearly the easiest, no fuss Vaping Device on the market.

    Sadly, I dropped it yesterday. It was inside my leather man bag too. Oil everywhere. My only complaint is it didn't come with replacement glass tanks like the two other more expensive kits did.

    Come INNOKIN and pop another one in the kit. I was wearing the rubber protective ring, and it still broke. A gentle fall from waste to shop floor inside a very solid man's leather purse.

    I need to order another, and will buy another SmartBox for a backup.

    Good work INNOKIN on your SmartBox SubOhm Personal Vaporizer.

    btw Been a smoker for 40yrs. Not had one this year and the NIC eJuices really do the trick. I had coughed up all the filthy gunk from my lungs within a month. No more discolored phlegm. Clear as water, almost. lol

    All the best, Mal

  • 5
    Also my 1st Sub Ohm

    Posted by Martin on 1st Mar 2017

    The price seemed right for my 1st go at sub ohm experience. After some research on the level of nic to add and a bit of mixing, I'm ready to go. First thing I noticed is that it's nowhere near as offensive on the throat as I first expected. Second most obvious thing is the flavour difference when compared to what I'm used to. Easy to fill, strong flavours, experimented between 30 to 60 watts on the MVP3, Coolfire 4 and the istick 50w (30-50), all of which performed extremely well. I'll be buying another soon and maybe the Coolfire tc. So damn tasty ;) again thanks to VK for the quick delivery, you guys rock.

  • 5
    My First Sub Ohm Tank!

    Posted by Chris Wright on 1st Feb 2016

    For my first Sub Ohm tank I had 2 tings in mind.
    1. Cost – it had to be affordable in case I didn’t like it or damaged it or whatever…
    2. Performance – it had to last long periods of use and had to not use up coils…
    In both cases this tank is affordable at $29.95 and wow does it preform!

    It comes right out of the box ready to go with a coil pre fitted and fully assembled, there is no instruction book as all instructions are on the back of the packaging there is a no spill coil replacement feature that lets you change the coil on the fly without having to empty tanks.

    It has a selection of coils to try that are separate; I got a pack of Clapton 0.5 ohm coils. I’m not a fan of mouth to lung, but I have to say that these coils are fantastic none the less, nice heat and clouds can be produced, and if you’re a mouth to lung vaper then give this a go you won’t be disappointed.

    I prefer the standard 0.5 Ohm coil, this works great for a direct to lung vape and produces some of the biggest clouds out of all my tanks. It has great flavour, so much so that I used up 50ml of peach tea from in less than half my normal time.

    This tank has also convinced me to move to mods rather than the ego spinners and sub ohm all in ones, I like the simplicity of the all in ones, and will continue to use one at work or while out, but at home I want to enjoy a full range of options and features with my mod kit.

    Also I’d like to take an opportunity to thank Brian from Vapeking who has bent over backwards to get my batteries and tank to me ASAP even after a little mess-up everything got sorted. Fantastic customer service, and as always, a pleasure to deal with.

  • 5
    I have 2 they are very easy to use.

    Posted by toejam on 29th Jul 2015

    One of the great things about this tank is you can fill it to the top (or in fact the bottom). I chain vape sub ohm.... so every ml counts to me. a tank lasts me just about a day. Be warned that you will need to drop your nic levels in your mix .. with a clearo I vape @ 18mg with this I vape @ 6mg. I did get a dodgy coil in the one I recieved, no fault of Vapeking and it leaked like a sieve. But once I replaced the coil with one that worked its been going like a champ.

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