Fuss Free Mixers (Shortfill)

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Vape King's exclusive FUSS FREE JUICE MIXERS. The same Premium Vape King hand made juices packaged to allow fuss free mixing. No more empty bottles!

Fuss Free Juices are available in 15,30,60 and 120ml shortfill bottles.

Bottle Configurations


**15ml Option includes 7.5ml of double strength (doubler) juice in a 15ml pre-labelled bottle ready to be mixed with your nicotine and/or PG/VG. Mix 1:1 for 15ml of Premium Vape King Juice.

**30ml Option includes 15ml of double strength (doubler) juice in a 30ml pre-labelled bottle ready to be mixed with your nicotine and/or PG/VG. Mix 1:1 for 30ml of Premium Vape King Juice.

**60ml Option includes 30ml of double strength (doubler) juice in a 60ml pre-labelled bottle ready to be mixed with your nicotine and/or PG/VG. Mix 1:1 for 60ml of Premium Vape King Juice.

**120ml Option includes 60ml of double strength (doubler) juice in a 120ml pre-labelled bottle ready to be mixed with your nicotine and/or PG/VG. Mix 1:1 for 120ml of Premium Vape King Juice.

For help with mixing, please use the Vape King e-juice Calculator available on our website.


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  • 4
    For the timid mixer

    Posted by Michael Stimson on 11th Apr 2021

    If you lack laboratory techniques to work with 100mg safely this is your best bet, using double target milligram is safer and doesn't need to be too accurate - you'd overfill the container before it became dangerous. Slightly lower value than a doubler or tripler concentrate, much better value than an imported premix.

    Even though the double strength is more dilute and less of a contact poison have a bowl of warm water and Nappisan (oxygen bleach) standing by to neutralize drips and spills of concentrated nic - safety first.

  • 5
    Fuss free mixers

    Posted by keith wright on 1st Mar 2021

    These are great for mixing with your strength nicotine, just top them up and you can vape straight away I have found the flavours are fantastic and I have some new favourites

  • 5
    Fuss free Mixers shortfill

    Posted by Keith wright on 15th Feb 2021

    These are great for quick mixing nicotine they are fantastic flavours and I have some new favourites I never ever thought I would even try. Give these a go you won't be disappointed.

  • 5
    Green Apple and Mango

    Posted by Michael Bowe on 27th Dec 2019

    The juice is great. I've just started on the Mango and it's become one of my favourites already. I don't like the new bottles VK is using now though, they leak badly in transite and you end up with a ton of juice in the ziploc bag :(

  • 4
    Waffle Maple

    Posted by michael baars & Wendy Rush on 20th Jun 2019

    Nice! Very sweet, but yummy! Tastes like maple syrup with a toasty overtone for the waffle taste.

  • 5
    Cinnamon Roll = Best.

    Posted by Jesse on 6th Aug 2016

    Great flavor, A+ Will be buying again, would be worth a try even if you're not a big fan of real cinnamon.

  • 5
    Still good

    Posted by Mike on 5th Aug 2014

    Still some of the best tobacco flavors I've tried. There are no tabacco flavors which I tried, and ended up giving away, unlike many Chinese and american flavors. The rich pipe, and Cuban cigar are my favorites. I prefer a high VG mix so usually get the 60/40 and mix with 50/50 nic, but tried it with max VG nic on the last batch which may be the way I'll go in the future. I've found that 10-20%vodka thins out the mix enough to use in tanks. Without the vodka it is nice in drippers, but iI kept getting dry hits in tanks.
    The color seems to vary from batch to batch, but I've never noticed a difference in flavor.
    Really easy to mix, I do 3ml vodka, and fill with 50/50 36mg nic. On the last batch i did 5ml vodka and filled with max VG nic. Not sure yet, but I think I prefer the higher VG

  • 5
    Now my friends want it too

    Posted by Mike on 11th Apr 2014

    Cuba cigar does not really taste like a Cuban cigar, but a few friends have asked me to get it for them because it is really smooth and satisfying. The doubler makes it so easy as all I have to do is add my American nicotine and a bit of VG to make a smooth, satisfying, and relatively easy mix to get them off my back. I like the rich pipe, cherry cigar, and have not had one doubler that I dislike. Prompt shipping and Australian are two other benefits. I've tried s few other tabacco flavors from China, the USA, and Europe, but none have been as good as these.

  • 5
    Cola Review

    Posted by Amanda on 19th Dec 2013

    I got this in a 5ml doubler in COLA flavour, 100% pg.
    I added 5ml of Halo 18mg unflavoured nicotine base (it's called fusion).
    The smell was coke! I didn't let it steep as I was too excited to try it. It was ok, tasted like cola gummy bears. I vaped the tank to half full and added some vanilla ice cream from a different vendor (which I don't like on it's own or at all in the first place) Yuk. Dumped it down the sink.
    I washed out my tank and added straight cola/fusion mix again and then added some of my V2cigs Vanilla 18mg liquid. With 50%cola/50% vanilla it was a big improvement, but I left the tank sitting around for a few days and then tried it again last night and BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tastes like vanilla coke-a-cola. The lolly/gummy taste is gone and it's PERFECTION! For the summer months ahead, this will be my GO-TO vape. To be honest, I have been getting sick and tired of trying to find my all day vape and this here is the winner folks! It's amazing and please VapeKing consider making the 'fuss free mixers' in larger sizes like 30ml, as these mixers are perfect. So easy! Great taste. (NOTE: if you import the vanilla nicotine eliquid from V2cigs to mix with the cola, it's the perfect addition to these mixers -no butter-nutty-maple or warm notes at all- but if you like cola, do NOT be sucked into trying v2 cola. tastes like vomit mixed with flowers. Stick with the cola from Vape King!)LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!! Try the above and you'll actually be thrilled to have found something very VERY special.

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