The Battery - Where it all starts

Posted by Brian on 15th Feb 2014

The Electronic Cigarette Battery - Where it all Starts.

The Battery is where all the magic starts. It provides the power for the Atomizing Device to turn our e-liquid into vapour.

Batteries come in a range of styles and sizes. Generally they are named according to their connection type. The connection type is basically the threading the battery has and is important as it lets us know which type of atomizing devices are compatible with the battery.

EGO batteries

The EGO Battery is the most common battery on the market today. It is a great battery for beginners and makes an excellent backup battery too. The EGO connection is the most versatile of all connections as it will accept over 95% of the Atomizing devices we see on the market today.

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The EGO connection is somewhat a hybrid connection as it will accept all EGO threaded devices as well as 510 threaded devices.

Figure 1. The EGO Battery

The EGO Battery comes in various sizes, mainly relating to it's battery capacity. The most common is 650mAh, 1000mAh and 1300mAh. The mAh rating will dictate how long a battery will last before requiring a recharge.

Special Features

There is a wide variety of EGO batteries on the market, some with special features that allow you to vary the Voltage or Power output, check resistance of Atomizing Devices and some that have LCD screens which display battery life and other useful information.

We will discuss Resistances and Variable Voltage in more detail in another Post.


A Mod is essentially an enclosure that houses a Lithium Battery that is removable. The EGO we discussed earlier has a lithium battery in a sealed enclosure whereas a Mod allows you to remove the lithium battery and charge it externally.

A Mod will generally have several Advanced features and it's biggest advantage is it can take batteries with capacities over 3000maH which means it will last a long time between charges.

Figure 2. The Evic Mod

So these are the two main categories of batteries, the basic EGO Battery and Mods which are larger type batteries with advanced features. EGO's are sealed batteries whereas Mods have replaceable batteries.