Newbie Guide to VapeKing Starter Kits

Posted by Brian on 16th Apr 2015

Newbies Guide to VapeKing Starter Kits

VapeKing Starter Kits are a great entry level way to get into vaping. Our Starter Kits are designed using the finest equipment available at the time and are constantly evolving as new technology gets introduced. Unlike most other Starter Kits, we use reputable brand name products to assemble our Starter Kits, not generic rebranded hardware.

Choosing the right Starter Kit for you comes down to a few simple choices. We’ve outlined our kits below with what we think best describes the reasoning behind buying that particular kit.

Starter Kit Type

Why should I buy this kit?

Pod Style Kit

I want to give e-cigarettes a go without spending too much up front. I prefer a very portable device. Pod kits generally have a shorter runtime due to their size so being able to charge often is not an issue for me. I want vapour production to be mild to moderate.

Stick Style Kit

I'm after a portable device with a longer runtime than the pod devices. I want a tank that will generally get me through most of the day without refilling. I want the vapour produced to be moderate.

Box Style Kit

I want all the bells and whistles. I want batteries with a long run time, Variable Voltage capability and tanks with a bigger capacity. I want controllable vapour production from light to heavy.

I’ve Chosen my kit, now what else do I need?

There are some worthy additions to consider when purchasing your Starter Kit from VapeKing. We’ve listed them below with an explanation so you can decide if they may be something you’re interested in.

Spare Coils

All  VapeKing Starter Kits come with an Atomizing device. These Atomizing devices are often called “Tanks” or "Pods" in some instances. The Atomizer is the part which holds the e-liquid and vapourizes when the battery is activated allowing you to inhale the vapour.

Atomizers have a replaceable coil inside which generally last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before needing replacing. You will find when they are due to be replaced, you will find the vapour being inhaled to have a “burnt” taste.

It is always a good idea to have a few coils handy. The Starter Kit Product description will have a link advising which coils are compatible with your kit.

USB Charger

Each kit will include a USB Charger for charging your batteries. It is often a good idea to have an extra around the house or for use when travelling. Some devices, namely the Box Style Kits, make use of removable batteries that can also be charged externally with a lithium battery charger. VapeKing highly recommends using an external charger with these devices as opposed to USB charging.

E-liquids, it’s not an e-cigarette without them

The last, but most important piece of information concerns the e-liquids in your kit. All  VapeKing E-liquids are offered in Single, Doubler or Tripler Strength. Below is a table explaining the different strengths.

We also stock flavour concentrates which should not be used as is with your Starter Kit.

E-liquid Strength



Single Strength e-liquids are designed to be used as is. They are mixed to include enough flavour to be used as is. They are referred to as Ready to Vape. They continue no nicotine and are designed for those which to vape 0mg nicotine.


A Doubler has double the amount of flavouring, hence it is strong in flavour if used as is, possibly too strong to be used as is with some flavours.

A Doubler is designed to be mixed down in a 1:1 ratio. Eg. A 10ml doubler should be mixed with 10ml of PG/VG/Nic to make 20ml of usable flavour.


A Tripler has triple the amount of flavouring, hence it is very strong in flavour if used as is and should not be used as so.

A Tripler is designed to be mixed down in a 1:2 ratio. Eg. A 10ml doubler should be mixed with 20ml of PG/VG/Nic to make 30ml of usable flavour.


Concentrates are designed to allow you to make your own flavours. This is a more advanced topic not covered here. Concentrates can not be used as is.

What is this PG/VG stuff you’re referring to?!

PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) are the two main components that make up an e-liquid.

They are the flavour carriers in an e-liquid and form the base of an e-liquid. Below we will discuss how the PG/VG ratio in your e-liquid affects the overall balance of your e-liquid.

Throat Hit and Vapor Production
The VG content of your e-liquid dictates the vapor production of your e-liquid when vapourized. The more VG in your e-liquid the more vapour is produced. PG provides more of a sensation in the throat and allows more flavour to shine through. In-between is some of each.

Viscosity (Thickness)
E-Liquid with a high percentage of VG will usually be thicker than those with a higher percentage of PG. The viscosity may effect how well the e-liquid works with various equipment. Some Atomizers tend to struggle to wick liquids which are high in VG as they tend to be much thicker.

Flavor and Sweetness
VG by nature tends to be sweet and will impart some sweetness on your e-liquid. However, VG tends to mute the added flavorings. A higher amount of PG in the mix tends to deliver better flavor.


As you can see, the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid can make a difference to the overall balance of your e-liquid. We find it's best to keep the VG ratio between 20-40% for best results.

PG and VG are primarily used to dilute down strong flavours as discussed earlier with Doublers and Triplers. They can be purchased in the DIY Section of the website.

I want Nicotine in my e-liquids, how do I go about it?

VapeKing e-Liquids are all nicotine free as required by Australian Law. However, should you require nicotine in your e-liquids, it is perfectly legal to source your own unflavoured nicotine overseas and proceed to mix it in with your VapeKing e-liquids.

We provide e-liquid Doublers in every Starter Kit. Doublers as discussed earlier are stronger in flavour and designed to be diluted down 1:1, hence making them perfect for mixing with nicotine.

Nicotine can be sourced from many overseas vendors, we name just a few below. (US Based) (China Based) (NZ Based)

Nicotine is sold in base strengths, typically 24mg-100mg. How much to mix in with your liquid depends on your desired overall strength and the base strength of your nicotine. If in doubt please consult us before mixing and we’ll help you work it out.

A good starting strength for your overall mix is 12mg, you can adjust up/down from there. There are various e-liquid mixing calculators on the Internet. Our e-liquid Calculator is designed to help you mix our e-liquids and can be found here.

So, what do I need for this mixing that’s going on?

Here’s a quick list of what we think is essential to purchase when you grab your Starter Kit to make use of the e-liquids provided.

  • 1 x Bottle of PG (125ml will do)
  • 1 x Bottle of VG (125ml will do)
  • A few syringes of different sizes
  • A few empty bottles

With these items, you can mix down the included e-liquids to use as is without nicotine or grab some Nicotine as discussed earlier to make e-liquids containing nicotine.