Many Vapers Credit Vaping with Improving Their Health

Posted by Admin on 6th Jun 2018

A large number of former smokers have spoken out and expressed their satisfaction with vaping and the way in which it has dramatically improved their health.

One Australian citizen who is now 56 began smoking at the age of 15, and at the height of her addiction, claimed she was smoking anywhere up to 20 cigarettes a day. Bettina explains that her father recently passed away due to the effects of lung cancer which prompted her and her family to make a change.

Many smokers who wish to quit attempt to go what is referred to as ‘cold turkey’, essentially quitting immediately with no withdrawal process which is important to lessen the effects of withdrawal cravings. This approach rarely works and many smokers routinely give in and return to their smoking habit.

With Bettina and her brother experiencing relapses, they both decided to take up vaping which has become enormously popular over the past decade. To ensure the best possible chance of success, Bettina and her brother conducted a considerable amount of research into which vaping products were the best and how much nicotine they should be looking to intake through vaping.

Now a committed vaper, Bettina says that she has not felt the need to pick up another cigarette since turning to electronic cigarettes, expressing that the improvements to her health and overall levels of wellbeing have increased substantially since quitting tobacco.

The only criticism Bettina had to make regarding vaping in Australia is the difficulty in finding valuable information as well as reliable brick and mortar stores to purchase vaping supplies from.

Bettina is not alone in expressing these sentiments with thousands of vapers across Australia crediting vaping with improving the quality of their lives.