Join us to Help Legalise Vaping

Posted by Admin on 15th Jun 2018

31st May is officially ‘World No Tobacco Day’, with people around the world highlighting the importance of improving health through quitting smoking or switching to healthier means of nicotine consumption.

The Australian Medical Association continues to be a strong force of opposition for the legalisation of vaping which no relaxation in their stance in sight, providing an obstacle to those who stand to benefit from vaping.

The Australian Conservatives are a proponent of vaping and recognise that it is in fact a far healthier means of still providing the nicotine that many people enjoy with significantly less adverse health effects.

The leader of the Australian Conservatives, Senator Bernadi, has spoken out publicly on his support for the legalisation of vaping, crediting it with helping him quit tobacco. He has also stated that vaping could help thousands of Australians avoid premature death as well as the other debilitating effects of prolonged smoking such as cancer and other illnesses.

Senator Bernadi also went as far as to say that the legalisation of vaping could significantly increase the level of tax revenue that the government could collect through simple taxation methods if vaping were legal.

Studies carried out by Britain’s Royal College of Physicians show that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, it doesn’t produce the unpleasant smell associated with tobacco and can help smokers quit which could help save the lives of 19,000 Australians a year.

The Australian Conservatives are currently running a petition which you can sign to show your support for the legalisation of vaping in Australia.