How to Travel Abroad with E-Cigarettes - be Aware

Posted by Admin on 21st Jun 2018

Are You Aware of How to Travel Abroad with E-Cigarettes?

Vaping provides an effective way to give up smoking, with many smokers having made the switch to electronic cigarettes in recent years. But one aspect that is still unclear for many are the regulations surrounding international travel whilst in possession of vaping equipment.

Before You Travel

It is important that you take the time to conduct research into the country you’re visiting and making yourself aware of their legal guidelines on the use of electronic cigarettes in their country.

Airports and In Flight

Vaping is classed as smoking in most jurisdictions and is therefore prohibited inside airports unless within a designated smoking room or area.

Vaping is also prohibited whilst flying, both in the cabin and within the toilet facilities, with severe punishments possible if caught.

Your batteries should always be kept with you in the cabin rather than the hold for safety reasons. Also remember that only 100ml of e-liquid can be taken through security.

Vaping Hardware and Liquids

You should remember to take as much e-liquid and as many replacement coils as required to last the duration of your holiday. Buying once on holiday can prove difficult.

Local Attitudes

Vaping isn’t widespread within every country so always vape discretely to prevent confusion and potential misunderstandings with local populations.