Getting the Best Out of your Vape During Winter

Getting the Best Out of your Vape During Winter

Posted by Admin on 5th Jun 2020

Winter is Coming - Getting the Best Out of Your Vape in Australia’s Cold Weather

Cold weather can create a series of issues for vapers. From battery problems to frigid fluid, taking care of your vape during the winter can look a lot different than vaping in the warmer months. The good news is, vaping straight through winter is 100% possible. With winter rapidly approaching, our expert vapers have developed a winter guide with tips to successfully vape all winter long.

Avoid rain or snow

Whether you are hitting the slopes for a season boarding in the mountains or gearing up for a wet and windy Melbourne winter, it's imperative that despite inclement conditions, you keep your device away from moisture. If your vape is repeatedly exposed to rain or snow, it could damage the device. Consider storing your vape in a case or bag when traveling to keep it dry.

Find ways to keep your vape battery warm

Cold temperatures can have a negative effect on your vape’s battery life. Due to the unique complexion of chemical reactions that happen inside the vape when you smoke it, reactions continue to feed electricity back and forth.

However in the winter when the temperature falls, these reactions become less efficient. This means a lot more energy must be used to get the electrons active and sent towards your coil. If the temperature hits below about 5 C°, performance starts to drop rapidly.

While this is something you have little control over, investing in a silicon sleeve can help cut down your vape battery’s workload. By trapping heat, it works continuously to keep your vape warm and operating smoothly. It can also keep your vape dry should you drop it in the rain or snow.

Be mindful of the liquid you’re using

While it normally takes extremely cold temperatures for vaping liquid to freeze, it can happen if the temperature drops enough. When stocking up on vape liquid for winter, it’s generally a good idea to choose e-liquid that contains at least 50% propylene glycol. E-liquids that are 100% vegetable glycol will freeze at -10°C. At the very least, avoid using vape liquids with a high percent of vegetable glycol to ensure they do no freeze.

To avoid having to replace frozen liquid, should also avoid leaving your liquid bottles outside in the cold for too long. If you don’t have to bring the liquid out with you, leave it at home. If you do - keep it tucked away in a warm pocket to ensure it doesn’t go cold and begin to freeze.

You can also experiment with different flavours that can either help you embrace the cold or forget all about it. For example, smoking a tropical flavour can make you feel like you’re sitting on an island soaking up the sun on holiday. Whereas a hot chocolate flavoured e-juice can leave you feeling warm and toasty.

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