Electronic Cigarettes - What are they?

Posted by Brian on 15th Feb 2014

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

This is the most common question we get asked here at VapeKing. We thought it only fitting our first Blog Post attempt to answer the question most newcomers would like answered.

An Electronic Cigarette is essentially a battery powered device which converts liquid into vapour which is then inhaled by the user. The liquid used in an Electronic Cigarette is generally referred to as "E-liquid" but is also known as E-Juice or simply juice.

The main components of an Electronic Cigarette or "e-cig" can be broken up into two categories, a Battery and an Atomizing Device. The Battery is used to power up the Atomizing Device which in turn vapourizes the liquid for inhalation. The Atomizing device contains a small coil which heats up when power is applied to it from the battery. When the coil heats up the liquid is turned into vapour.

Batteries come in all sorts of sizes and Capacity and may have advances features as well. We will discuss the different types of batteries in another post.

Atomizing Devices also comes in a wide range of styles and we will be dedicating a post to try and explain the most common types of Atomizing Devices on the market today.

We hope this gives you a small insight into what an E-Cigarette is and how it functions. We will explain the various parts in detail in further posts.