5 Tips on How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

5 Tips on How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Posted by Admin on 31st Mar 2020

Top 5 Tips on How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer 5

Vaping is a popular and cheap alternative to cigarettes. After buying the battery, there are only two recurring costs that come with vaping: e-liquid and coils. These will need to be replaced every so often when you are running low. How often you will need to refresh the e-liquid and coils will depend on how often you vape.

While e-liquids are more straightforward, new vapers often question how often a coil needs to be replaced. If you’re noticing your coil is burning out quickly, there are ways you can help increase the lifespan of them and avoid buying new ones.

Prime new coils before using

If you don’t prime your coil before use, you can burn the coil out straight away. This simple trick is the #1 way to stretch the life of your coil and should be done every time you purchase a new one. Priming the coil requires you to manually soak the wick before installing it. Most coil heads have an opening at the top where the wick is visible. To prime, just add a few drops of e-liquid to soak the wick, screw the coil onto your battery and smoke.

Avoid burnt or dry hits

This type of hit happens when there’s not juice or not enough juice in the coil to heat. The coils then heat the wicking material instead, causing a terrible taste. The simplest way to avoid this is to always keep your vape full, or at least half full, to ensure you are vaping liquid and not the empty wick, continuing to top up when you notice it's getting low. Another way to eliminate dry hits is by limiting the amount of time you press the power button to avoid overheating.

Clean the coil often

If you’re a regular vaper, coils can get dirty after a few days which can affect the flavour and taste. If your coil is looking dirty and your vape is beginning to taste funny, remove the coil from your vape and blow out any excess juice that may be stuck in the coil. Rinse the coil with boiling water if the juice is stuck in the coil. Ensure all the water is gone before connecting the coil back to your battery and then heat the coil up 5-8 times until it gets hot much quicker than before. This cleaning method will help make your coil last longer.

Turn your battery power down

Reducing the power setting on your battery can help extend your coil’s lifespan. When vaping with a higher wattage, the coil heats up more and sometimes the wick can struggle to soak up the e-liquid fast enough to keep up. If you notice the flavour is dying out, the coil is most likely getting dry. To avoid this, reduce your wattage on the battery.

Use Premium Liquid

Purchasing premium liquids can make a real difference in the lifespan of your vape coils. PG liquid is thinner than VG, meaning it soaks into wicks more easily. If your juice doesn’t soak up into the wick as quickly you are more likely to get dry puffs, which causes your wick to burn out more quickly. Try changing your liquid to primarily PG, with a 50/50 or even 70/30 mix.

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