10 Handy Vaping Tips for Beginners

Posted by Admin on 3rd Aug 2018

Many experts agree that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Even if the health benefits remain disputed, switching to vaping will undoubtedly help you save hundreds of dollars every year at the minimum. However, transitioning to vaping can be challenging for all sorts of reasons, from understanding how to take care of your e-cigarette to choosing a flavour that you can stick to. That’s why we’ve detailed some top vaping tips for beginners below.

1.Avoid cheap, low-quality e-liquid that may contain impurities and instead stick to reputable suppliers, such as Vapeking.

2.Find the right flavour of e-liquid for you by trying one of our sampler packs.

3.If you think your e-liquid tastes stale, let it acquire a richer flavour by storing it away for a couple of weeks.

4.Give yourself time to get used to the difference in taste between real cigarettes and e-cigs. You may find that you enjoy the almost limitless amount of flavours even more than tobacco.

5.Inspect the battery connections inside your e-cigarette for a build-up of dirt or e-liquid residue. Remove any dirt using a cloth or cotton swab.

6.Empty and clean your e-liquid tank frequently to prevent leaking, a build-up of residue and unpleasant tastes.

7.If your e-cig has a burnt or unpleasant flavour, you may need to change its coils.

8.Keep a spare set of fully-charged batteries with you so that you don’t revert to real cigarettes should your e-cig run out of power.

9.If you experience ‘vaper’s tongue,’ which is when you no longer taste the flavour of your e-liquid, try swapping to a different flavour for a week or two.

10.Remember that many e-liquid cartridges are refillable, so don’t bin them the first time they run out.

If you need anymore vaping advice from a team of specialists, or if you want to order your high-quality and high-value starter pack, then don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Vapeking