Kanger Airflow Control Valve - Protank 2/ Protank 3 / AeroTank

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Compatible with Kanger Protank II, Kanger Protank 3 and Kanger Aerotank.

This base can be used to upgrade a Protank II or Protank 3 to have adjustable airflow or it can simply be used to replace a faulty Aerotank base. Turn the dial on the base to increase or decrease airflow to your preference.

The Kanger Airflow Control Valve does not change the type of atomizer heads you can use in your Kanger tank.




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  • 5
    Great upgrade for your Protank 1 & 2s

    Posted by Lionel Lauer on 31st Jul 2018

    The original Protank bases don't work well with my Pegasus Aspire because the mod doesn't have air channels to the connector, so I bought a couple of these so I could use my Protanks. They work perfectly, & they're also a huge improvement on the original bases. Bonus! - I'm no longer getting any dripping, gurgling or leaking like I used to sometimes get with my Protanks. Plus, I can keep on using the much cheaper 1 & 2 coils instead of the pricey Protank 3+ coils.
    The only downside is pretty minor; the air control ring spins very easily, so it's easy to change the setting when you're swapping / filling tanks, but it's no biggy.
    I'm ordering more of these bases so I can upgrade my whole collection.

  • 5
    Revive your Protanks

    Posted by Kerry Brown on 11th Sep 2014

    I had just about thrown away my Protanks due to pretty poor performance (in my opinion) and the perpetual leaking. Put one of these Airflow valves on both the Protank 2 and Protank 3. The boost in performance waas absolutely amazing. Using the standard single coil in the PT2 gives huge vapour and hit. Similar effect with the PT3, although this one has the dual coils. The fact that I can get this sort of performance out of the protank single coils makes these units a 'must buy'. Will take advice of previous reviewers and throw one on the mini as well.

    A major plus is that this base prevents leakage into the battery, something that used to drive me nuts and contributed to my dislike for the PTs.

    I also like the overall appearance of the PT with this base. I also use a Nautilus and find the revitalised PTs just as much of a pleasure to use.

  • 5
    Breathe new life into your LR Protanks

    Posted by Orph on 25th Jun 2014

    I bought one of these to increase the airflow on a 0.8 ohm Protank 2, but also found that it works well with the mini protank 3's if you use the correct coil for the tank. Good quality, genuine Kanger product. Thank you!

  • 4
    Decent Product

    Posted by Mark Dunne on 24th Jun 2014

    I use it on my Mini Protank II which is too airy for my liking. This works very well in controlling the air flow.

    Its a pity there isn't one specifically for the Mini as this one is wider (being for the Non-mini version).

    Use: This replaces the Protank Base and one screws the Atomiser head into this.

    - Works well
    - Shortens the height of the Protank as its approx half the height of the original Base.
    - Cheap and can be used on either Protanks (Original or Mini)

    Cons (only being picky here, non of which would put me off buying another):
    - Wider than the Mini Protank. Would be nice if there was a narrower one. It works fine though.
    - It’s not as nice looking compared to original base.
    - The Atomiser head screws into this base which in turn screws onto the battery, The contact between the Battery and Atomisor is via the Base rather than the Atomisor directly connecting to battery as with original base. Not sure if this makes any difference?
    - Harder to clean if juice were to leak into this base as it’s a sealed unit. One would need a cotton bud or the likes to clean. I haven't had any leak issues myself.
    - The air ring is loose so easy to accidently rotate

    Overall, does what it says so a Thumbs up and happy with it

  • 5
    10 stars

    Posted by eciguser on 15th Mar 2014

    hassle free vaping has arrived, brings new life to all your protanks, even the minis!

  • 5
    Makes the old new again

    Posted by Virtualphoenix on 14th Mar 2014

    I loved my pro tanks but some where to airy and some to tight. This thing changes to the way i like it. if your unit starts flooding just open the holes more. if you get dry hits tighten the holes IT IS AWESOME....