Innokin iTaste VV4 1000mAh VW Battery

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Innokin iTaste VV4-M 1000mAh Variable Power Battery

Looking for a compact, Variable Power, Ego type battery with a built in Passthrough Feature?

Based on the bestselling Innokin iTaste VV v3.0 comes the iTaste VV4 featuring a wider range of Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage, advanced safety features, and the famous “Vape While You Charge” technology. Variable voltage on the iTaste VV v4.0 is adjustable in 0.1 increments from 3.0V to 6.0V. The watts on this awesome battery are adjustable from 6.0 to 15.0 in 0.5 increments.

The high quality OLED screen looks great and clearly displays the resistance of the attached tank & coil, voltage, wattage and also accurately shows the remaining battery charge. The iTaste VV4 is an affordable, reliable, and ultimately satisfying daily vape device. 


  • Dimension: 5-1/8"L x 5/8"W
  • 510 and eGo Threaded
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0V-6.0V
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V-5.0V
  • Operating Wattage: 6.0W-15.0W
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.8 ohms


Inclusions *:

  • 1 x 1000mAh Innokin iTaste VV4 VW Battery
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable


* Please note this is not the Express Kit, hence the battery is sold loose with a charger included.


The Primary Features of The iTaste VV4


The iTaste VV4 is charged through a Micro USB Port. You can recharge it with any standard MicroUSB cable. It can also work as a pass-through device for simultaneous vaping and charging. The battery must contain a small charge before it can be used in this way. If you're using the battery quicker than it can charge, the battery will shutoff. We suggest charging the battery for 10-15 minutes before using it.

Battery Level Indicator:
The iTaste VV4 battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.
Green = Almost fully Charged. When the iTaste VV4 is fully recharged the LED light will power off.
Yellow = Half Power.
Red = Low Power. Charge the VV4.

Variable Voltage:
Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.

Variable Wattage:
Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 15.0 Watts in .5 watts increments.

Large battery capacity:
The iTaste VV4 has a built-in mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

ON/OFF battery switch:
Press the power button three times in rapid succession to turn on the iTaste VV4. Once the iTaste VV4 is On hold down the power button to activate the atomizer and vape. When the iTaste VV4 is not in use, press the power button three times in succession to power off the iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer. Always power off the iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer when it is not being used, or when it is going to be stored in a pocket, bag or purse.

10 second cutoff:
If the activation button is held for 10 seconds or longer the iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer will stop firing until the button is released and pressed again.

Low Voltage Warning:
The Red LED and Battery bar will continue blinking when the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer will power off automatically.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection protects the iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer against shorted atomizers and will stop the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions.

The iTaste VV4 features automatic real-time atomizer Ohms detection. If the resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.8 the Ohms bar will blink.
If there is a short circuit the VV4 screen will display the following and the LED light will power off.

Over-Discharge Protection:
The iTaste VV4 Advanced Personal Vaporizer monitors the battery voltage and will automatically power off when the battery is discharged.

Settings Retention:
The device remembers the last voltage or wattage used when switching batteries.

Display Information:
The bright display shows resistance (ohms), voltage, wattage, atomizer voltage output, puff count, and last-used settings.

The Innokin iTaste VV4 will include a 30 day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of delivery. Scratches and discoloration from regular use is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by warranty.

Battery Safety

Use special caution when working with Li-ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable cells, as they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion (Lithium-ion), LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) and any rechargeable cells in charging, discharging, assembly and storage before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. Do not use any rechargeable battery as well as any battery charger if any visible damage is present, as well as if the cell or charger has been stressed through mishandling, accidental or otherwise, even if damage may not be visible. Always store and transport rechargeable cells in a safe, non-conductive container in a controlled environment. Dispose of all battery cells and chargers in accordance to local laws and mandates.



60 days

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  • 4
    Addendum - Review of my Review

    Posted by Lemonfresh on 11th Jun 2017

    One of the Cons I forgot to mention in my glowing review below of the ITaste VV4, is the tendency of this unit to intermittently heat up while charging. When this occurs, instead of charging the unit it sometimes converts all the energy into heat with obvious safety concerns. This only happens intermittently with most charges working fine. However a couple of nights ago I charged the unit overnight and in the morning the LED was still orange and the unit was hot to touch.

    Using the standard matrix for Risk Management, this issue has a Low to Medium Likelihood rating together with the Medium to High consequence/severity ratio resulting in a Risk rating that should not be ignored (we all know what happened with the Galaxy 6 tablet charging issue).

    To best manage this risk you should touch the unit a minute after you start charging. If it is hot, unplug the micro USB and wait for it to cool down, and then try charging again. Repeat above test. Don't panic if it is just slightly warm, this is normal, but very warm to hot = bad.

    My experience so far is that on every instance of this issue occurring, it has always happened from the beginning of the charge. If it passes the 1 minute touch test, it should be fine for the rest of the charge. I didn't mention this issue in my glowing review below because I forgot about it, because the unit I have been using for the last year or so very rarely had charging issues. Either some units are better than others or the Likelihood factor decreases with time; or it may be a bit of both. The unit I bought last week resulted in a dodgy charge the 2nd time I charged it. This reminded me of this issue and I felt ethically obliged to add this addendum to my review and take 1 star off my rating, solely due to the potential safety risk issue.

    I still firmly believe in all the Pros I mentioned in my previous review and would still recommend this unit to all vaping users. Just remember to do the touch test a minute after commencing a battery charge.

  • 5
    Best of the El-Cheapo Batteries

    Posted by Lemonfresh on 31st May 2017

    I've used quite a few of the cheap, inbuilt battery Vape sticks over the last four years of vaping and the INNOKIN ITASTE VV4 is definitely the best of the bunch. It costs a few more dollars than most of the el-cheapo vape batteries but the functionality and quality you get out of those ten or so bucks is well worth it. Would recommend this unit for all Vape users, new or experienced. If you have a more expensive MOD, this is the perfect backup. I used this as my primary vape stick for over 3 years and was happy with the result. Wack an Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer on the end of this baby and you have the perfect, cost effective, best flavoured vaping experience.

    OK, I realise nothing is perfect, although this is close. The only down side to this (which is true for all built in battery units) is you would be lucky to get a year's use out of it before the battery starts struggling. New, you only have to charge this once a day (or overnight as I do), even for the heavy vape users. When approaching a year's trusty service you will probably have to charge it twice a day. Then if you push another few months out of it you have to charge it every couple of hours, but that is after nearly 2 years of usage.

    One of the pros of this unit is a very simple issue; it is square. If you are like me you have no doubt broken or damaged many a vape battery because it rolled off the table or any other flat surface. because most of these tall thin size batteries are round. Although the wheel is a pretty amazing invention, it is not so good when you combine it with a vape battery. This unit will never roll anywhere. It is square but still stylish.

    My advice; buy it! You won't regret it.

  • 5
    Gave a 5 but its my 1st vape

    Posted by HD on 18th Jul 2016

    I can tell this is one of the better batteries to get. Solid, reliable, lasts long, holds onto charge, variable settings capabilities, I think it detects the coil or atomiser in place, charging port is convenient, looks nice, not curved so it doesn't slide away to fall, gives a good vape, etc.
    Only negative was that it took me a while to figure out how to change the settings(voltage), looks really good.

    The battery indicator helps noobs like me.

    That's my opinion from my short time of Vaping, I would recommend for anyone vaping.

  • 4
    Great Battery - But my LED Screen broke

    Posted by JOEL on 18th Mar 2016

    This is a great battery which last's me all day. The variable voltage is great.

    I have two of these and just ordered a third. The only problem's I have is that the first one I purchased has a dead LED screen so I can't see my voltage settings, and the paint on the second one (white) is peeling off.

    Hasn't stopped me from buying another one though - I still highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    My favourite ego device - ever

    Posted by Teddy on 23rd Jul 2015

    Have wanted something small and lightweight that can last a night for a while. I was choosing between this and a joyetech ego one 1100 kit and chose this for now and couldn't be happier.

    It charged quickly and the functions are super easy. I have been vaping on it all day very satisfied, at the full 15w (more info below).
    Basically, you get the device in a nice innokin box along with high quality charger cable (you will need a 500 or 1000ma wall adapter or computer to plug it into to charge).
    Charge is simple through a bottom micro usb port and you can vape whilst you charge also if you are so inclined.

    A *ver* high quality oled screen shows you battery level, volts, watts and ohms resistance. Holding both buttons together reveals a puff counter.
    You can change between watts and voltage mode, there is round robin on both ends of the scale. Volts are in .1 increments from 3-6 (perfect for this device) and 6-15w in 0.5 increments. All very easy to use.

    The device is a unique square shape and is very comfortable to hold. It also doesn't roll around if placed flat on a table. The firing button has just the right amount of pressure and the usual innokin 3 click on/off.

    I don't own any rainbow coloured devices and was unsure but finally took the plunge on one and ordered this in rainbow. It looks stunning because it is a brush matt finish and subtle - basically very elegant design with the buttons/device shape and colour. I actually plan when I can afford it to buy this device in every available colour I am that impressed with it.

    This is a slim device and in my opinion, although you can put an ego ring on it (none included) and flush mount a 510, I thoroughly recommend this mod be used with native ego tanks. They looks GREAT on it and match the width perfectly in most cases.
    My favourite ego tank of all time is the aspire K1. It uses bvc coils and produces ridiculous vapour and throat hit for such a small tank. On the VV4, the aspire K1 is a match made in heaven both looks and performance wise. I was just trying the 2.1 ohms coils which are rated 5-6 volts. On either 6 volts or 15 watts on the VV4, it gives an absolutely perfect vape with no dry hits or burnt taste.

    The Aspire K1 also works brilliantly on this device at 1.6 (up to 4 volts) or 1.8 ohms (up to 5 volts).
    Another tank I highly recommend for this device are kanger evod series (especially the glass) that use the new dual coil from kanger. This device will happily fire the 1.2 ohms of those but I don't recommend anything lower although it does have low ohms protection so it won't let you fire something if it can't safely do it. That said, the 1.2 ohms are the lowest i recommend this device's wattage range for and complement it perfectly and also give a killer vape. It really just depends on whether you prefer the aspire bvc taste or kanger taste..

    I will sum the review up like this - if you are like me and are generally a plus ohmer and like lightweight stuff that can feel like you are smoking a cigarette, I can not recommend this device enough. Maybe a full 1.8ml ego tank won't get you through a night though, but the battery of the vv4 certainly will last a night out of heavy vaping. What i recommend is to buy a metal eq liquid shot and have it with you on a keychain to refill if needed. I really love this device and it has become my favourite ego battery of all time. SO superior to the really, not much cheaper vision spinners and the ilk.

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