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Innokin iTaste VV/VW 3 - Variable Voltage Passthrough Battery

  • Innokin iTaste VV V3
  • Innokin iTaste VV V3
  • Innokin iTaste VV V3
  • Innokin iTaste VV V3
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Product Description

Stylish, Variable Voltage/Wattage, Passsthrough ability and compact. Ticks all the boxes!

Smart, stylish, innovative and packed with features, the Innokin iTaste V3 Express Kit represents a whole new approach to vaping! The unique and elegant square design is manufactured to the highest standards by Innokin and has received great reviews since it's launch. The iTaste V3 Express Kit features a standard 510/EGO connection  making it compatible with just about any tank/cartomizer with a 510/EGO connection thus offering truly versatile performance!

This superb device is much more than just a battery and comes packed with useful features. It has a powerful 800 mAh polymer li-ion pass through battery design with the voltage or wattage adjustable at the press of a button in one volt increments from 3.3-5v, with the voltage displayed on a high quality mirror finish LCD display. Not only that, but the iTaste can measure and detect the resistance of just about any cartomizer and will suggest the optimum voltage range that should be used for best results and display the relevant information on the LCD screen - take the guesswork out of variable voltage vaping and find the sweet spot for any device with ease!

And the features don't stop there, it also is equipped with a puff counter to monitor intake and measure the performance of the battery or your chosen cartomizer, a colour changing power button that indicates the remaining battery life, short circuit protection with 10 second cut off to prevent accidental discharge, 3 click on/off deactivation and pass through charging technology that allows you to charge the unit while vaping. Everything you need to enjoy your favourite flavour in your preferred tank/cartomizer and obtain optimum performance!

The iTaste V3 VV Express Kit includes 1 x 800 mAh VV li-ion battery and a retractable USB charger. E-liquid and tanks/cartomizers must be purchased separately

We highly recommend the iClear-30, iClear-CE5 or the Vision EGO Stardust for use with the iTaste.


Available in Black, White and Chameleon (Changes colour on different angles).



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Warranty Information

30 days

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Product Reviews

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  1. For the price there's much better than this cheaply built unit. 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2015

    I have purchased 3 of these Innokin iTaste VV/VW3 units, with 2 of them breaking within 3 months and the last one withing 6 months. Each of them died in a different way, which has led me to conclude that they are built to a substandard quality in general. The first one had a wire break that was connected to the USB charging port, effectively killing it once the final battery charge was empty as it could no longer be charged. The second one the main button broke after one of the pins holding it in place fell out, it would still light up when recharging but the button no longer functioned. The last one just stopped working completely in the middle of using it with a full battery.

    Aside from the failures the general quality of the unit is sub-par. The top connector of all of them came loose within a month of using them. This made the eliquid tank wobble at the end of the battery. At least one or two of the pins holding the unit together fell out of all 3 batteries. The plasticy-looking covering looks cheap. The thread that connects the clearomiser is shallow and made of soft metal which wears quickly leaving the tank attached by a fine thread.

    These units have completely turned me off the idea of using a passthrough battery. In addition to having the usb port on one of the units break, the act of vaping whilst its charging led me to destroy nearly 10 usb cables. It's much better that you get a spare battery to use whilst the other is charging.

    I swear that when I bought them it was advertised as having a 1000mAh, but I may be wrong as both the website and the box state it has a 800mAh battery life. However, I don't believe even this to be true as you're lucky to last 4 hours on a charge. When I compare this to the 1600mAh Aspire batteries I now have it doesn't seem to add up as I have used it for 24hrs worth of vaping and it still hadn't gone flat.

    In comparison to the Aspire units which vape instantly, they are less responsive and it takes a little bit after pressing the button before the vape comes out. Also the power output seems to be less consistent and requires a higher voltage setting to match the output of the Apire units. Where I would be sitting around 4.0v for the iTaste units, I seem to get as much vape as setting the Aspire to 3.3v.

    I see no reason to buy this unit over the Aspire Carbon Fibre VV 1600mAh battery as they are the same price. The iTaste may come with a USB cable for charging but it is one of the flimsiest cables I have ever seen and the one I used broke on the first weekend I used it.

    Go get this instead save yourself the hassle:

  2. DIED AFTER 3 MONTHS 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Oct 2014

    While this battery served me well for the time i had it, I was disappointed that it only lasted 3 months.Charge lasted all day as a medium vaperaholic.Was easy to use compact and a great work battery, with a areotank mini, similar to a pen.Recommended to anyone new to vaping, at first I was impressed, maybe I got a dud, but disappointed at the life span.

  3. This and an Aspire Nautilus Mini are my daily vaping gear. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Sep 2014

    This and an Aspire Nautilus Mini are my daily vaping gear. Awesome combo. Wished Vapekink would offer these two as a Premium Starter Kit for new vapers!

  4. Not bad for the price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2014

    I am relatively happy with this product. My initial reservation before I even bought it was the shape, square doesn't look as good as round, however after using it a while the practical benefits of a square shape far outweighs the esthetics. Two out of three of the batteries I've busted in the past is due to it rolling off a surface.

    The LED display is quite helpful, although I find the whole Wattage UOM a gimmick. As long as it has VV, voltage is all you need.

    The unit was fully charged out the box and I was initially pretty happy with how long the charge lasted, but now after less than three weeks of use I'm finding it runs out of charge after just a few hours. I read in another review on this forum a user suggested that charging via usb tends to bugger this battery and doesn't keep charge well. I'm not sure if that is my problem; he might be right. I might try charging from the mains more often.

    All in all it is a good product for the price. Pretty good value for money for what you get. It certainly works and tastes better than the other cheaper batteries I have. I give it 4 out of 5; pretty good.

  5. It's ok 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2014

    Feels a bit cheap,the rattling buttons are a bit annoying.

    Vapes well with decent flavor nice clouds with Kanger Aerotank mini, not as good with the Kanger Pro II tanks, at lowest V setting was tasting a bit burned.

  6. Charges Quickly, Works Perfectly 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2014

    1st-time vaper...got this as my first MOD & must say very impressed as it works exactly as mate's ones that I'd tried - charged out of the box & immediate use - wicked.

    Do advise to charge off the mains though NOT through the usb as it kills the battery & doesnt keep charge to well.

  7. No Complaints, great for fellow Newbs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Mar 2014

    Have been using mine for about two months.

    I use mine as passthrough most of the time when I'm at home.
    I have only run it dead on 1 occasion, but I was at a friends place and just had to reach for the nearest micro usb cable!

    Before this I was using vision spinners, I was happy with them at the time, but charging was a pain with only one charger, I don't think I could go without the passthrough now.

    One of these paired with a Kanger Pro Mini, makes a great starting setup and I've gotten two of these for friends, both heavy smokers and a bit wary of the vape, they have been amazed. Now this is all they talk about.

    I would not hasten to recommend the iTaste vv to anyone new or old, all the features I could want, in a great size, paired with a Protank Mini and your off and vaping.

    I'll just add that I've ordered from VapeKing on four occasions, and I will again, great price, good selection, great service. I've only had 1 occasion when I needed to ask some stupid questions, and they passed that test with flying colours. :)

  8. Some good things about it 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Feb 2014

    So I read a lot of good reviews about this battery, enough to actually go an purchase one from my favourite vaping store, VK (you guys rock BTW!) and initially I was very pleased with the unit. Produced a pretty solid vape, nice design aesthetically (although cheaply made - pretty much all non aligned plastic except for the thread), could charge it in the car - pretty much all thumbs up so far. About a month after I got it, it started to all go down hill. Maybe I got a dud..?.. the thread at the top of the battery came out - they've put a rivet in to stop it from coming right out but it all flops around causing firing in the pocket, or even if your holding it flops the wrong way it'll fire by itself. The "passthrough" only charges the battery when you're not vaping. On occasions the battery went completely flat (I didn't get much vaping time out of mine (only about 4hrs using 2.2ohm coils on 8.5W) and when plugged into the USB I had to wait for 10 mins to be able to vape again. If I chain vaped I'd only get may 10-15 puffs before it died and had to wait again... No resistance checker or voltage meter (the LED's gon't give much warning when it's about to go flat).
    I did have to give it 2 stars though because at the beginning it did vape like a little champ, it can be charged via my samsung phone usb cable, multiple thread options and looks good from a far.

  9. Good vaping experience and good value for money 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2014

    I've only been vaping for 4 months and this is my first vw battery. All I can say is that I haven't vaped properly until now. This battery helps to bring out full flavour in juices that I thought were not the best. The battery has good build and does what it says. 4 stars only because I would have preferred it to be 1300mAh and it would be handy if it was possible to charge it using a standard ego charger as well.
    Excellent delivery speed and service from VK! Thank you and keep it up!

  10. Small vw battery 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Feb 2014

    I've been using this for a month now, taking it to work every day. The battery does not last a full day, so I charge it overnight and it starts to run out until 8pm or so. It tends to run out after 350 puffs at 8.5w, but the light doesn't change color until nearly 300 puffs. This is she smallest vw I know of and easy and friendly to use.

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